Riello 40 Series

Riello 40 Series SingIe stage burner are a complete range of products developed to respond any request for Baking industry. All Burners use same basic components designed by Riello ensures high quality level guarantees safe working. burner models are proven for long trouble free operation with Baking ovens. Versions available with Gas & Light OiI.

Gas Burner

Model Output
FS 5 23 - 58 KW
FS 10 42 - 116 KW
FS 20 81 - 220 KW

Light Oil Burner

Model Output
G 5 28 - 60 KW
G 10 54 - 120 KW
G 20 95 - 213 KW

RS-RL Series

These Burners are designed with aim to offer Simple products with high reliability, easy commissioning & excellent working. All models available in Gas & Light oil version. Burner operation modes are Two stage, Progressive two stage or modulating as per requirement. Special models available with Electronic cam compound. Low NOx models available on request.

Gas Burner

Model Output
Rs 25/M BLU 45/125-370 KW
Rs 35/M BLU 72/202-480 KW
Rs 45/M BLU 90/190-550 KW
Rs 55/M BLU 100/300-680 KW

Light Oil Burner

Model Output
RL 34 97/154-395 KW
RL 44 155/235-485 KW
RL 50 148/296-593 KW
RL 70 255/474-830 KW

BPR SERIES- High Modulating ratio

These Burners are developed to treat application where precise temperature requirement & well suited in conveyorized biscuit oven. Burner operation is modulating with wide range of working & turn down ratio up to 1:40. Burner configuration in such a manner so installation & maintenance is easy. User defined burner orientation as per requirement. All models are suitable for Natural Gas, LPG & other Low calorific value gas. Special version available for combustion air up to 250 'C.

Model Output
BP R 75 5-87 KW
BP R 150 6-180 KW
BP R 200 6-235 KW
BP R 300 9-360 KW
Model Output
BP R 450 18-525 KW
BP R 600 28-700 KW
BP R 800 35-930 KW
BP R 1200 35-1450 KW

RIELLO BURNERS - Incorporated in 1920, Most pioneering & largest Burner manufacturer in the world producing over 500000 burners per annum

We, SUNTEC ENERGY SYSTEMS, are an exclusive Distributor for Riello Burner in India & surrounding countries. Company has over 30 years experience of European pressure jet Burners for distribution. Installation & maintenance. We have over 70000 successful burner installation across India & surrounding countries. we have nationwide sales & service network covering all major cities. We have project management capabilities & competencies in Application Engineering. Design & Troubleshooting.

Sreelakshmi Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. an ISO 9001:2015 certified & MSME registered company established in the year 2006 engaged in the business as Consultant Engineers & Contractors for LPG /PNG Fuel Piping Installations, Gas Monitoring / Detection System, Industrial Burners & Heat Pumps.

Burner suit to every need of heating like - Steam Boiler , Thermal Oil Heaters, Hot Water Generator, Hot Air Generator, Textile, Stenter, Bakery Ovens, High Temperature Furnaces, Kilns, Automobile Dryers & Heaters and many more.

Over & above, We have developed specific Burners for typical Indian application & fuel quality


  • Capacity range 10 KW to 80 MW
  • Oil / Gas / Dual fuel Burners
  • Mono block/ Dual block construction
  • Mechanical / Electronic Cam version
  • Easy to operate & maintain
  • rouble free operation for long time
  • Reduced NOx Technology
  • U regulation & VFD for blower
  • Burners available for preheated combustion air (up to 250 C ) to improve efficiency up to 8%
  • Ultra low NOx FGR (Flue Gas Recirculating) Burners
  • Special temperature, High modulating ratio, Air duct business
  • Special Burner for Biofuel and low caloric value gases