A leak Detection System is mandatory in LPG Cylinder Banks as per the amended IS 6044 Part 1 2018 Revision. Gas detection Systems are used for detecting leakage in the Gas Banks. The Microprocessor based control panel and sensor module provide a timely warning when the leak attains dangerous levels. Detection systems are available for gases like LPG (Butane / Propane), Natural Gas, Ammonia (NH3), Acetylene (C2H2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), and Hydrogen (H2).

There are different types of Leak detection systems available in the market depending on individual requirements. The LPG Leak detection sensors are of three types:-

  • Standalone Sensor – This is a plug-in type of sensor. The alarm is placed inside the domestic kitchen. It can also be connected to a solenoid valve to cut the Gas flow.
  • Addressable Type Centralised System – In this type, the control panel and alarm are placed near the security/caretaker cabin. In case of any leakages the flat no/sensor no is displayed in the control panel. The control panel also provides additional data monitoring and management by making itself compatible with devices like BMS or other security management devices.
  • Analogue Type Sensor System  – This is a simple system which activates the alarms when gas concentrations approach dangerous levels. This system is mainly used in Gas banks.